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Welcome to the Beethoven School! The purpose of this handbook is to help your child understand what s/he needs to do in order to have a wonderful school year.

By following a few simple rules, our children will have a safe and happy school year.

Please take the time to read and talk about this handbook with your child. Each child should have recieved a copy of the handbook at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you,

The Beethoven Staff



  1. Always be on time for school.
  2. Bring a note from home when you are absent or late and make arrangements to make up the work you missed.


  1.  Be respectful to everyone.
  2. Be polite and use appropriate language.
  3. Be patient and kind.
  4. Appropraite behavior is expected when traveling to and from school. Remember, you are representin not only yourself and your family, but the school as well.
  5. When behavior is inappropriate, privileges will be lost.

Be Responsible

  1. Keep your desk neat.
  2. Pick up papers you see around your desks and hallways.
  3. Respect the rights and property of other students.
  4. Respect the school property.
  5. Always ask permission to leave the classroom and return promptly.

Concern for Others

  1. Speak in a respectful manner.
  2. Listen to others.
  3. Wait your turn.
  4. Raise your hand unless it is an emergency.


  1. Small electronics, such as CD players, iPods, Game Boys, etc. are not allowed at school.
  2. Cell phones are only allowed with written permission by a parent and approval by the principal. Cell phones must be brought down to the office upon arrival and may be picked up after dismissal.

In the School Yard

  1. Play fairly.
  2. Go to an adult when you can’t solve a problem.
  3. Ask for permission to get a ball.

On the Bus

  1. Remain in your seat when riding on the school bus or MBTA bus.
  2. Speak quietly
  3. Be careful not to leave any of your belongings on the bus.
  4. Always obey the bus driver and follow the rules.
  5. The bus is a classroom on wheels.


  1. Homework is an extremely important part of learning and is to be done each night that it is assigned.
  2. Parents and students can expect 15 minutes of reading and 15 minutes of homework in Grades K1 through 2, and 20 minutes of reading and 40 minutes of homework in Grade 3.

In the Cafeteria

  1. Always listen to and obey the Lunch Monitors.
  2. Clean your table after you eat.
  3. Do not get up from your table orleave the cafeteria without permission.
  4. Always have good manners.
  5. Bring healthy foods for snacks and for lunch.

Rules for Fire Drills

  1. Walk quickly and silently to the nearest exit when you are directed to do so.
  2. We stand in a line outside and listen for Teacher’s directions.
  3. When you are directed to do so, silently return to the building.


  1. Verbal warning by teacher.
  2. Loss of privileges, such as recess.
  3. Meeting with the Principal.
  4. Parents/Guardians will be called.
  5. Parents/Guardians, teacher, and student/s will meet with the Principal.
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