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Upcoming Events

  • Parent's Rock April 27, 2018
  • Pawsox Game June 10, 2018 A chance to see a baseball game with school friends.

Parent Council Meeting Notes – November 2017

Principal’s Report – Mr. P

-Thanks for all the support including the purchase of GoNoodle.  The teachers are very appreciative.

-Halloween parades were fun

Football season is up and running


–        1st and 2nd grade field trip together to BC for a Women’s Basketball Game   11/16/17

–        Getting ready for International Night 11/16/17

Mrs. Holbrook Memorial with Mr. P – some teachers and staff have ideas.  more information to follow

Summary of Site Council Meeting

-The schools are working on their budget for 2018-2019

-BPS will be discussing changes to school start/end times for 2018-2019.  Please follow the link to fill out a survey regarding this topic.  https://www.bostonpublicschools.org/Page/6985

-Reviewed MCAS scores

Review of Business

1)    Bake Sale:

-Thank you to everyone who baked and worked the sale!!  It was a very successful event.  We sold out of all our baked goods! We had many people helping out to coordinate, bake, and work.

-Decided that the Ohrenberger proceeds going directly to the library

-Thank you to our coordinators:   Cathy Ware, Ellen King, Michelle Gruosi, April Sheehan Fittante, Brianna Krikava

2)    Update on Ohrenberger Teacher’s Rooms

The teachers at the Ohrenberger were very appreciative for the makeover of the downstairs teacher’s room.  Thank you Suzanne Loconto, Gina Cronin, and Joan Chan for working on this project!!

It has been requested that we makeover the upstairs teachers room as well, which we agreed on funding and doing the work.

3)    Review of Box Tops

-Thank you to all of our families for sending in your BoxTops and thank you to Heather Miselis for putting together our Fall submission.

-If anyone is interested in working with Heather Miselis to startegize additional ways to increase our submission, please contact Heather at hlhnrm@comcast.net

4)    Update on Treasury Funds:

-Money was spent on Teacher’s room for Ohrenberger
-Approved funding for the other teachers room

-At the Beethoven expenses for GoNoodle and K1 and  K2 Grade Socials

Issues for Action

1)    Gardening at the Ohrenberger – November 11 (Alice Howell)

Tulip bulbs were donated and West Roxbury Gardening Club planting them on Saturday 11/11/17

2)    Upcoming International Night – November 16 (Mette Arnmark)

We need more volunteers for set-up/clean up

3)    Upcoming Book Fair – (Cathy Ware)

Beethoven fair December 11th -15th (holiday shows on December 12th and 13th)

Ohrenberger Fair 14-20th with the holiday show on the 20th  *change of date**     

4)    Making Music Matters (Brenda U)

-Record enrollment this year at the Ohrenberger

-We also have more families in need of financial support for the fee of the instrument and lesson

-Parent Council agreed to provide scholarships to those in need this year

Other Business

–        Come out on Saturday November 18th and run the Parkway Turkey Trot, run by our fellow BPS school The Lyndon.  Participate in the lap challenge and support OUR school.  More info at www.parkwayturkeytrot.com

–        Grade Socials – K2  one was a big success.  Thank you Jocelyn Holguin, Shan Wolrand, Briana Krikava, Ellen King, Jenn Laham, Saran Sherriff and Sarah and Kevin Cleary for coordinating such a fun event

–        1st Grade Social is on December 1st .  More Info to follow

–        Discussed recess time.  Mr. P shared that all of the kids will be using the playground now.  For indoor recess, the students are all in the cafeteria.  What can we do to help these kids move….?  Discussed using parent volunteers to work on helping indoor recess.  Seeking    additional suggestions for other recess ideas through the winter months.

–        Discussed increasing communication between school and home.  Several ideas were presented in terms of teacher-parent communication and overall school-home communication.  This will be an ongoing discussion between Parent Council and Mr. P.

–        In need of a gift idea for your child’s teacher??  The Giving Tree will be up at the Beethoven Holiday shows.  More info to follow.  Thank you Melanie Kelly-Berkley for putting this together

–        The leadership team can always be reached with ideas or questions

Please direct your emails to Kristen Trull trullkristen26@gmail.com  or Melanie Kelly-Berkley mkelly610@hotmail.com

 Next Meeting Date is Tuesday, December 5, 2017 – 5:30PM Site Council / 6:30PM Parent Council


Parent Council Meeting Notes – October 2017

Principals’ Report

Hurrican Relief Donations

Thank you to all who donated to the hurricane relief efforts!  We raised a lot of money for Houston – with that money, 400 uniforms were purchased for a school there.

Food and other goods were raised for Puerto Rico– we are connecting with some local churches to send our donations there. It was so great to see our communities come together to support those in need….thank   you!!

Both buildings are adjusting to Extended Learning Time.

Site Council has openings at both the Beethoven and the Ohrenberger.  Two year terms. Thank you to the 6 individuals who volunteered for these positions.


Current Leadership:

            Co-chairs – Suzanne Loconto and Cathy Ware

            Secretary – Kristen Trull

            Treasure Beethoven – Katie Tattan

            Treasurer Ohrenberger – Karen Kefalas

Changes we have made this year to hopefully increase participation:

  • Alternating meeting times – Still 2nd week of each month.
      • Tuesdays at Beethoven
      • Thursdays at Ohrenberger
  • Sending meeting notes out to the entire school including translated versions (7 Languages)
  • Sending out volunteer forms in September
  • Recruiting volunteers to translate flyers into 7 languages – thank you to those who have volunteered: Meg Ladd, Jasmin Santos, Admila Teixeira, Andrea Dinis, and Gladrys Meca
  • FB group: search for Beethoven-Ohrenberger Parent Council on Facebook and request to join.
  • Grade socials
  • K1 Social was a big success.  Kristen Trull thanked her committee – Melanie Kelly, Michelle Kelley, Jen Sheridan, Michelle Gruosi, and Jodie McDonald for their help.  Thanks to everyone for coming and to those who made donations.
  • K2 Social is October 20th – Jocelyn Holguin and her committee are planning a Family Fall Festival…..pizza, music, tattoos, and more!!

 Treasurer’s Reports

Discussed the money remaining from last year and how to move forward in spending it for enrichment activities for the kids.

  • Voted on paying for Gonoodle for the Beethoven – It’s a site license for the year.
  • Vote on how to distribute Ohrenberger funds –
  • Ohrenberger Library has a lot of needs to restock the books– decided to fundraise for that throughout the year
  • Voted on giving each grade a certain amount of money  – Decided that we will ask teachers to  inform us of what they’ve purchased so we have an understanding of where our money is being spent
  • If teachers are in need of more money for student enrichment, they can submit a short proposal explaining their needs


Landscaping –  Alice Howell

  • Chestnut Hill Realty has been doing fall, spring, and late summer cleanups at both schools.
  • They are interested in helping us develop a garden at the Ohrenberger.  If anyone’s interested in helping this project, please contact Alice Howellalicebhowell@verizon.net

Beethoven International Night – need coordinator(s) – Mette Arnmark and Erin Hannon-Foley volunteered, THANK YOU!!

Elections –A new leadership team was established from volunteers:


Karen Tattan – Beethoven (T)

Karen Kafalas – Ohreneberger (T)


Melanie Kelly – Berkeley –co-secretary

Kristen Trull –co-secretary

Ellen King

Erin Hannon-Foley

Mette Arnmark

Jennifer Gorman

Cathy Ware

Miscellaneous/Coming up:

Fundraiser – Jennifer Gorman proposed selling bracelets made by Syrian Refugees at International Night.

Outerwear Exchange – thank you Jenn Laham and Lisa Burns for organizing.

Bake Sale – Keep an eye out for an email to sign up to bake and/or volunteer to work the sale.**


Parent Council Meeting – 10/10 at 6:30 pm

Our first Parent Council meeting of the year will be next Tuesday, October 10th at 6:30 at the Beethoven School.  Childcare will be provided.

Come meet other parents, find out about all of the Parent Council activities, as well as opportunities to volunteer and support our schools.
Elections for leadership positions for the 2017-2018 school year will also take place at this time.
Hope to see you there!!

Parent Council Meeting 6/13

The final Parent Council meeting of the year will be Tuesday June 13th at 6:30 pm at the Beethoven School.  Childcare will be provided.  

Topics include: activities for next year and leadership opportunities.

May Parent Council Meeting Notes

Principals’ Report

Ohrenberger –

  • MCAS still taking place
  • Tours for incoming 3rd graders kids and parents scheduled for:

Friday, June 9th 9:30 for Parents

Thursday, June 15th 2nd graders (walk over)

  • 8th grade graduation – June 19th

Beethoven –

  • K1 and K2 Open House 9:30 am – June 2nd
  • K2 graduation – June 21st


Chestnut Hill Realty landscaping – Thank you to Alice Howell for coordinating with Chestnut Hill Realty.   The front area of the Ohrenberger was landscaped over April break.   CHR has also offered their services to our school for yearly spring and fall clean-up.   Also discussing an outdoor garden that will need a Parent to maintain.

Ohrenberger International Night – Very Successful night, thank you to all who helped!

Savers Fundraiser – Thank you to Suzanne Loconto for organizing.  It was another successful fundraiser.

Teacher Appreciation – Thank you to all of our volunteers who contributed to these events.  The teachers were very grateful.

Restaurant Fundraiser – Bertucci’s.  Thank you Maureen Cullen for organizing, and to all those who participated.

Treasurers’ Report

upcoming expenditures:

B-  bookcases, field day, healthy family fun night

O–  field day, 8th grade graduation

Discussed budget for future teacher appreciation events/gifts.

Coming Up:

May 17: Art Show Beethoven.  5-7 PM Thank you to everyone who has helped Mrs. Clark so far.

May 25: Ohrenberger Art Show and Healthy Family Fun Night

June 1: Beethoven Healthy Family Fun Night (budget approved)

June 11: Pawsox Game (Gina C) – More information to come.

June 13 (rain date 14th): Field Day Beethoven (budget approved for slushies, DJ, pizza)

Please note the change of dates:

June 16: Field Day Grades 7-8

June 21st: Field Day Grades 3-6


–        Leadership for next year – discussed putting off voting for new leadership to September.

–        Discussed possible enrichment activities for students to incorporate into Extended Learning Time – Erin Hannon-Foley will look into some ideas.

–        Continue to send in Box Tops, Coke Products labels

–        Next meeting – Tuesday, June 13th 6:30 at the Beethoven.  Childcare will be provided and after the meeting come out for drinks to celebrate the end of the school year!