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What Makes Our School Special?

The Beethoven School provides a variety of activities and services that enrich our academic program. Specialists in computers, music, physical education, science, art, literacy and technology work with our students. The Beethoven is a Boston College partnership site for the training of student teachers. Our parent council is very active and sponsors events such as a Field Day and an international night

As of September 2009, the Beethoven School is partnering with the Ohrenberger School to form a K-8 feeder school. The transition has already begun; as of September 2012, the Beethoven will house grades K1–2, and the Ohrenberger will house grades 3-8.

Starting in the third grade, students can test into the Advanced Work Class at the Ohrenberger School. Advanced Work Class (AWC) is a full-time program in the Boston Public Schools that provides an accelerated academic curriculum for students in grades 4, 5 and 6. Students are expected to complete more school work and more home study. Student participation is by invitation only and is based solely on the student’s scores on an eligibility test. For more information about AWC, click here.

What Kinds of Parent Support and Resources Does Our School Provide?

We offer a Before School Program from 7:00 to 8:15 each morning and an After School Program each afternoon from 2:15 to 5:30. Both of these programs are licensed for K1 4-year-olds and up. We have an active Parent Council and School Site Council. Our Parent Center is a place for parents to meet. Parent volunteers work in classrooms and in our Home Reading Program. We provide a student support network for students who are having difficulties. We provide speech therapy, occupational therapy and counseling.

How are We Preparing Our Students for Educational Success?

We are preparing our children to be successful in a number of ways. Literacy and math are the major focii of our curriculum. Children are required to write in every curriculum area. Our teachers are involved in professional development programs to increase their effectiveness as teachers of literacy and math. Teachers have been trained in the “Investigations” math program and, they are implementing it in their classrooms. All classrooms are connected to the Internet. We have a computer lab with 25 machines, and we have one computer for every four students in the school. Our children and community take pride in the appearance of our school. Our school building is bright and clean. We have a beautifully landscaped schoolyard and a great playground that our children enjoy daily. Our active parent body facilitates communication between the home and school. They coordinate parent workshops and organize parent breakfasts, International Nights, fundraisers, and Field Days. Parent-run fundraisers augment our educational materials budget and support our field trips.


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