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May 2018 Parent Council Meeting Notes

Beethoven-Ohrenberger Parent Council Meeting – May 10, 2018
 **Next Meeting Date is Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at the Beethoven. Childcare provided.
Principals Reports
1) Ohrenberger, Art Night : June 13th 5-7pm
2) MCAS is finishing up at the Ohrenberger
3) 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony: Tentatively June 25th at 4pm?  Looking for a distinguished speaker (5-7 mins)
4) Need to finalize date for 2nd grade visit to 3rd grade
Making Music Matters plans to attend in order to recruit students
Site Council Report
1) Uniform: There was great discussion of both pros and cons of uniforms
Principals will be sending out a survey to help inform SSC decision (Want to get a sense of parent’s opinions ) SSC members has final say/ vote,  but will take parent data into consideration
2) Ohrenberger Parking Lot: Received a lot of information at the SSC meeting regarding who is responsible for West Boundary Road (Is road DCR’s jurisdiction?)
A team is planning to come out to both schools to conduct a visit- possibility of getting more signage. Confusion around if it is a DCR or City of Boston road.
Review of recent events
-Parents Rock was a huge success. Thank you to all who supported the event and our team of organizers: Jenn Laham, Rebecca Cavallaro, Kristen Trull, Sarah Cleary, Michelle Gruosi, Lisa Burns, and Melanie Kelly-Berkley 
-Ohrenberger  International Night- Great night, band played, lots of stations, plenty of good food.  Thank you Lisa Burns for organizing this event!
-Teacher Appreciation- success at both campuses – breakfast, lunch, gift cards, and massages were purchased for all the teachers.  Thank you Cathy Ware, Joan Chan, and Suzanne Loconto for organizing .
Treasurers’ Reports 
Still need to deduct teacher appreciation
(See discussion item #1 below)

Upcoming Events
Gina Cronin is leading these events: Beethoven Health Fair, Pawsox, Beethoven Field Day ( please feel free to volunteer ) Contact Gina at ginac2411@gmail.com

1.    6th Grade Social: May 18

2.    7th and 8th Grade social – keep an eye out for more information.
2.    May 17: Beethoven Art Show: Mrs Clark – the art teacher at the Beethoven needs help over the next week prepping and hanging art.  Please email her if you can help  cvadalaclark@bostonpublicschools.org
3.    June 13: Ohrenberger Art Show
4.    May 31: Beethoven Health Fair – more info to follow.
5.    June 10: Pawsox Game-more info to come
6.    June 18: Ohrenberger Field Day #1- 3rd and 4th grade in the morning

7.    June 19: Ohrenberger Field Day #2- 5th and 6th grade in the morning; 7th and 8th grade in afternoon
8.    June 20: Beethoven Field Day- more info to come. Will need lots of volunteers.  Please contact Gina Cronin (email above) if you are interested in volunteering.

9.  K1/K2 meet and greet in August:
Pam Marco pamela.marco313@gmail.com & Erin Hannon-Foley ehannon@bostonpublicschools.org will lead event, date to be determined (Looking for other volunteers)

 Open discussion/other business
Discussed remaining funds for this year.
Discussed money from Parents Rock should be used to fund following year (Grade Level Team allotment, Grade Level Socials, International Nights, Enrichment opportunities, etc.)
Need to make sure the money is going back directly to support the kids.
Money from this year (minus Parent Rocks) should be spent.
How can we find Enrichment opportunities for the kids for next year? (Ask principals, teachers, conduct research, stipend teacher or parent to run a club/ activity, possible committee, etc.)
Need someone to manage current website & possibly revamp.  Will Reach out to other schools to find out who manages theirs.
Possibly using SPC funds in order to stipend someone to revamp/ maintain website?.
**Please contact someone on Parent Council if you are interested in working on this**.
3) Gardeners Needed:
Need help for back of school gardening:  contact Alice Howell at alicebhowell@verizon.net.
Chestnut Hill Realty- Garden beds provided
Is there a teacher interested in using them with his/her class.   Could students plant?
4) Money from FunRun:
Four Chromebook Carts were purchased, 2 for each school!!
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