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February 2018 Parent Council Notes


Parent Council Notes 2/13/18

Principals’ Report- Updates:

  • Craft fair was fabulous! Heavily attended and the kids had fun.
  • Middle school kids started with basketball.
  • The new fundraiser- carnation sales: successful!!! 350 flowers sold.
  • Middle school got commitment from Chestnut Hill Realty about expanding our outside classroom! (Attractive sign and 3 new gardening beds.)
  • Fun Run March 9th fundraiser, funds will be used for technology.
  • Soup-er bowl drive: successful and there were lots of donations for the food pantry! We have already received a thank you letter.


-Making music matters and technology- because of logistical issues Parent Council  may  help fund next year (Site Council report)

Next year craft fair- adding a twist- have parents who are willing to bring something to the table (help out, do something they have a skill with that they want to share with the children etc.)

Bruins Game: Lots of families went!  One of the better turnouts. (Next sporting event: Pawsoxs June 10th)

Treasury reports:

  • Socials will be funded for grades 2-6
  • Maybe put a dance on during the day for grades 7&8 in place of the socials
  • PC funded the owl visit for the K2 classrooms.

Parental Engagement: No update yet


Fun run: will be a fundraiser! Kids have already been exposed to the theme of the fun run. You’ll get a link to a video and can embed your kids into it and you can share it with family.  The kids will be running laps in the gym.  A company will do everything (coming the week before to tell the kids what is going to happen and how it will work).  Can be funded by the mile or a flat rate.  Volunteers may be needed, we are following up with the company about what the parent liaison will do. Emphasize that we are funding for technology, to help reach our goal of each kid having their own computer (ipad/laptop?). We would love to have each classroom have a cart of computers available to them. We will follow up and find out if there will be a paper way to pledge and something in print explaining everything so it isn’t only online and the kids can be a part of the fundraising too.

Something to think about about the carnation sales:  maybe extend it to the lower grades to buy for parents or teachers?  Possibly for next year?


The Ohrenberger organizers need help! Please contact them if you can volunteer!

Parent’s Rock: April 27th

  • Fundraising goal is to make money for enrichment
  • Lots of donations coming in daily!
  • ELL and Lab classes will make centerpieces for the event
  • Still looking to diversify foods
  • Publicising

Alice- 3 raised beds, budget to redo the outdoor classroom, new benches, new seats (possibly in the budget).  Veggies will be those that grow during the school year, not the summer months.  Thinking about making this a second graders project- to make the 2nd graders feel special when they move up and something special do you when you move up to the Ohrenberger. They will be in charge of taking care of it. Chestnut Hill Realty will continue to do the seasonal clean-ups, and they want to support the growth of the Ohrenberger School.

Recess after lunch:  Why is there no option for the kids to run around? Talk with Mr. P about it.  Inquire about having volunteers?  Follow up with Mr. P to find out when gym is available and having the gym be the go to when it is available.

-Priority for next meeting to follow up!


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