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Parent Council Meeting Notes – January 2018



Welcome Back Principal Krakow from your maternity leave!

• Fun Run (March 9th ) Fundraiser

Indoor fun run, will be held at the Ohrenberger for both schools. We will need about 5-8 volunteers for it. Stay tuned for fundraising information.  

• Parking/traffic concerns were discussed, particularly at the Ohrenberger.  
• Safe mode drills will be happening in JanuarY

2017-2018 Budget was presented at tonight’s meeting.


Book Fair – It was another successful book fair!  Thank you Cathy Ware for organizing and to all those who worked both fairs.  The Ohrenberger money will be put toward the library 

Launch Fundraiser – Thanks to all who came out.  We had a nice turnout, and raised some money for our schools.


We recently funded a field trip for the Ohrenberger LAB classes to go to see Wonder.  The staff and students were very appreciative.  

 – Jan 22-Feb 2Souper Bowl – Classes collect non-perishable goods to benefit a local food bank.  Jenn Laham is running, but we’re looking for a 2nd coordinator.

 – Feb 10: Craft Day – A morning of crafting in the Ohrenberger cafeteria.  Chrissy Grant  and Eddie Siracusa organizing.  Looking for volunteers.  Keep an eye out for a sign-up.

 – Feb 11Providence Bruins – A flyer will be coming home.  Gina Cronin is organizing. 

 – March 9Fun Run Fundraiser.  Stay tuned for fundraising information.

 – April 27Parents Rock – help needed! Please email Jenn Laham Jennifer.laham@gmail.com or Rebecca Cavallaro bexcavallaro@gmail.com if you are interested in being on this committee.  


– Grade socials and family engagement at the Ohrenberger – The grade socials have been very successful, so we would like to do them at the Ohrenberger.  Looking for coordinators for each grade….!!!!  
– Mette and Erin gave an update on their work on sorting through the Parent Council bylaws.  It is a work in progress, we will update as it comes together.
– A subcommittee is being formed to target Family Engagement at both schools.  The focus of this committee will be helping parents stay connected and increase overall involvement in our school community. (with ideas such as creating a Parent Council newsletter, an idea boxetc).  Please email Erin if you’re interested on being on this committee.   ehannon@bostonpublicschools.org  
– The leadership team can always be reached with ideas or questions or if you would like to volunteer to help with events.

Please direct your emails to Kristen Trull trullkristen26@gmail.com or Melanie Kelly-Berkley mkelly610@hotmail.com

Next Meeting Date is TuesdayFebruary 13, 201at the Beethoven

The Beethoven/Ohrenberger Parent Council is open to all parents of the schools and we encourage everyone to attend. In order to have a welcoming and open community, we ask all attendees to assume best intentions, be respectful, and allow for all voices to be heard. We welcome differing opinions and want everyone to feel that the meeting space is a positive environment in which we can build a strong community and further enrich and support our schools. We also strive to respect your time commitment by starting and ending meetings on time and by adhering to the agenda.

– Sincerely, the Beethoven/Ohrenberger Leadership Committee

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