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Book Fairs are online!!


Great news! Starting today the Beethoven & Ohrenberger book fairs are online!

The online stores are easy to search and have a wider selection than we will have at the school book fairs. 

You can also download the Scholastic Bookfairs App and shop right from your phone.

**Please note:  All orders will ship directly to school for FREE 5-10 days after the online fair has ENDED on Dec. 21st – so that means you will get them AFTER we return from the holiday break. If you find something online and wonder if it’s available for you or your child to purchase at one of the school fairs and bring home, please contact Cathy Ware (cathygware@gmail.com).

Please click on the links below to shop – and share them with friends, family and on social media:

Ohrenberger Online Book Fair

Beethoven Online Book Fair

Happy Shopping!

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