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On Election Day we will be holding two all-day bake sales.

One at the Beethoven School and one at St George’s Church (55 Emmondale Rd, West Roxbury).

Please sign up to bake and/or work at the sales!!!

The day is broken down into half hour slots to provide the most flexibility in signing up but please sign up for as many as you can work.

** If you are baking remember to individually wrap all baked goods. 

Beethoven Bakers: please drop items off either that Mon., 11/7 in the office or Tues. 11/8 at the auditorium doors.

St. George’s Bakers: please drop items off Mon. 11/7 or in the office or Tuesday morning at St. George’s Church.

All proceeds will benefit fun, exciting events at the school!

**Please note that we count on your help**

If something comes up and you cannot come PLEASE edit your response or contact Cathy Ware at 617-512-9405 cathygware@gmail.com.

Thank you!!!

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