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October Parent Council Meeting Notes


Meeting was held on October 11, 2016 (next meeting on November 15th at the Ohrenberger School (in the library).  Childcare will be provided. 

 Principals’ Reports

  • Red Sox Day was fun!  The money raised will be donated to the Red Cross.  Thank you to all who donated!
  • Fundraiser fliers have been sent home.  Please send back by October 31st.  All the money goes directly into the classrooms.
  • Bus students are involved in a trial program with tap cards monitoring when they get on/off bus.
  • Beethoven – Nurse Letang applied and received a snack grant, where each student will get 2 healthy snacks per week (fruits, veggies).
  • Ohrenberger –Before and After school activities are up and running including the Scores soccer program, BOKS, and football.



  • Five Below Fundraiser: We will do another one in December when families shop for the holidays.  Stay tuned for the date.
  • Reschedule Playground Party:  Was originally scheduled for October, but cancelled due to rain.  Will plan to reschedule for later in October.  Keep an eye out for the flier.
  • Making Music Matters! (MMM) – Provides 30 weeks of free group instrumental music lessons in clarinet, flute, trumpet, and violin to 3rd-5th grade students in six Boston Public Schools including the Ohrenberger and Beethoven Schools.  Grade 3 students have four seven-week rotations of introductory level lessons on each of the four instruments.  Grades 4 and 5 students choose one of the four instruments to play throughout the 30-week session.  All students have multiple performance opportunities throughout the year, both in-school and in various community/neighborhood venues. See Below for Additional Information on MMM


Financial Update

  • With money remaining in the account from last year, we are open to ideas regarding using some of the money for enrichment activities (i.e., something all of the teachers and students can benefit from).  Please contact any of the Parent Council officers with ideas.


Upcoming Events/Fundraisers

  • Savers Fundraiser: October 16-22.  Savers will pay us for each pound of goods that is donated on behalf of the Beethoven-Ohrenberger School.  **Make sure that you mention that your donation is to benefit the Beethoven-Ohrenberger School. 
  • Winter Outerwear Exchange: Week of Oct 17th families can send in used winter outerwear.  The following week, parents can come by to select winter wear for your child.  If you cannot stop by and would like items for your child, please contact Suzanne Loconto @ the Beethoven (sloconto@yahoo.com) or Cathy Ware at the Ohrenberger (cathygware@gmail.com).
  • Ongoing Book Exchange at both the Beethoven and Ohrenberger.  Please send in books to donate and take books if you like.
  • Box Tops: are due by the end of this week (October 14th)
  • Bake Sale: November 8th during Election, 7AM – 8PM (Keep an eye out for emails/fliers requesting volunteers to bake and/or work at one of 3 tables set up).
  •  Author Visit: Jane Sutton will come in November and present to each grade (K1-5th) Thank you Cathy Ware for coordinating!


 To Discuss

  • Parents Rock – more information to come.
  • Thank you Erin and Shauna for volunteering to coordinate Beethoven International Night on Nov 17 – Keep an eye out for emails and fliers requesting food/donation.
  • Food Drive (February)
  • Arts & Crafts Day (February)
  • Seeking a volunteer to run the Ohrenberger web site – PLEASE!!!
  • Possibly Rock Spot Climbing Fundraiser, will look into it some more.



  • Register your Stop-n-Shop Cards, a portion of your dollars spent at Stop-n-Shop will go directly to our school.



Making Music Matters Additional Information

Leadership– Executive Director is Pam Allen Hunter.  Parent Program Managers are Joan Chan and Britt Young.  Joan, also, serves as the Parent Liaison for the Ohrenberger 3rd and 5th grades, and Britt serves as the Parent Liaison for the Beethoven 3rd grade and Blanca Monteiro serves as the Parent Liaison for the Ohrenberger 4th grades.

Lessons- Here are lesson days and times for each grade:

  • Beethoven 3rd grade – Wednesdays 8:45-9:30 with Britt Young
  • Ohrenberger 3rd grade – Fridays 8:45- 9:30 & 9:30-10:15 with Joan Chan
  • Ohrenberger 4th grade – Thursdays 8:45-9:30 & 9:30-10:15 with Blanca Monteiro
  • Ohrenberger 5th grade – Tuesdays 8:45-9:30 with Joan Chan


Parents/guardians of participating students should help their child remember to bring their instrument and folder to school on their lesson day to avoid missing a lesson.  When a student forgets their instrument, s/he still reports to lessons.

Upcoming Mini Concerts (Grade 3) and Concerts (Grades 4 and 5) – Family and friends are invited to these informal, in-school performances.  Students report to their lesson spaces for warm-ups at 8:45 am.  Actual performances begin closer to 9:00 am and are held in the auditorium at each school.

  • Beethoven Grade 311/9/16 @8:45 am
  • Ohrenberger Grade 311/4/16 @ 8:45 am
  • Ohrenberger Grade 411/17/16 @ 8:45 am
  • Ohrenberger Grade 511/15/16 @8:45 am

Raffle– MMM’s annual raffle will begin in November.  Stay tuned for more information.

Contact Info– General:  makingmusicmatters@gmail.com, Joan Chan:  kjbe1685@verizon.net.  Britt Young:  britt.young@yahoo.com.   Blanca Monteiro:blancamonteiro1268@gmail.com. Phone messages can be left at the school office for MMM.  MMM has a mailbox in each of the school offices.

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