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February Parent Council Meeting Recap


Principals’ Report:

  • The 8th grade will be selling cookie dough raise funds for their end of the year activities. Only the 8th grade will be participating in this fundraiser.

  • The Beethoven-Ohrenberger has once again signed up for the Jimmy Fund fundraiser which ends on Opening Day April 11th.  Our goal is $1000. Students can wear Red Sox apparel that day. Families can send in a donation or can donate online at: B-O Jimmy Fund



  • Box Tops: Please send in your boxtops ASAP – our goal is $1000 and we need to submit by March.

  • Labels for Education: We are building up points – please continue to send in labels.

  • Craft Day: This year’s craft day was a great success. Michele Sarro and Lisa Burns delivered the student-made paper flowers to the local nursing home where residents were thrilled to receive them. Thank you Cindy Ho, Joan Chan, Britt Young and Jackie Hoglund for organizing.

  • Parents Rock – April 1st: Mark your calendars!  Co-chairs are still looking for donations of sporting tickets, gift card, etc. If you have any that you would like to donate please contact Michele Sarro at michelesarro@yahoo.com.

  • Making Music Matters: The 4th and 5th grade students will be performing on Wednesday, March 16th at the Irving Middle School at 7:00 pm. Students need to arrive at 5:30 pm having eaten before they arrive. The 3rd grade mini concert at the Beethoven in March 9 and the 3rd grade mini concert at the Ohrenberger is March 11th – both at 9am.


Help Needed:

  • The Ohrenberger Librarian would like help from parents on February 23rd to clean up and organize the library. She has also submitted a wish list of books to increase the middle school selection. (click here for list – Book Wish List for Ohrenberger Library)

  • Thank you Amy Trueblood and Analiza Traub for volunteering to coordinate the Ohrenberger International Night which will be held on April 14th.


Enrichment Activity Ideas: Plimoth Plantation is visiting the 2nd and 3rd grades. This is fully funded by funds secured by Plimoth Plantation.

If you have any ideas for K1-2nd or 4th-8th please contact Cathy Ware


Upcoming Events – (click here for complete list – Beethoven-Ohrenberger Events 2015-2016)

  • March 1 – Bake Sale

  • Ohrenberger – Tech Goes Home will be held starting on Wednesdays in March Contact Ms Scott  for more information


Lastly we had a visit from a West Roxbury Academy teacher.

Mr. Weeks, Headmaster of WRA, has a parent coffee hour the last Friday of each month, 7:30 am8:30 am, that our parents are welcome to attend to talk with him.  His email is <rweekes@bosttonpublicschools.org>

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