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Beethoven-Ohrenberger Parent Council Update


No January Parent Council Meeting. Next meeting is Tuesday, February 9 in the Beethoven Auditorium.  Childcare is provided.


Upcoming events:

Souper Bowl Food Drive starts January 25  look for a flyer to come home in your child’s folder for more information.

February 6 is Arts & Crafts Day – a fun morning of crafting in the Ohrenberger Cafeteria – more info to come.


Fundraising updates:

  • The Savers fundraiser was very successful!  Thanks to Suzanne Loconto for organizing! We will be doing it again in the spring, so save your donations!
  • The book fairs were a HUGE success. Many thanks to the many, many hands who helped make it happen especially Beth Rimas and Cathy Ware for organizing!
  • We don’t have totals yet for the Kids R Kids, Launch and Friendly’s fundraisers but we know that many people shopped, jumped and ate all while raising money for our schools. Thanks to Kristin O’Donnell, Lisa Burns and Helen Epstein for organizing these events!
  • Making Music Matters had a successful raffle raising approximately $6000.   The 3rd grade mini concerts are at 9am on 1/13 (Beethoven) and 1/15 (Ohrenberger).


A note from the Principals:

With the cold weather upon us, and snow looming, there will be more parent pick up/drop off students.  To make these times the most efficient, safe and friendly please follow the established guidelines in the parking lots:

At the Beethoven: Please pull as far up as you are able when using the parking lot – do not park in the back or along the edge if there are spaces in front of you.  Please do not park outside of the yellow line – that includes at the back of the lot where doing so will block the buses and other cars from getting around you. If you are in a hurry then it would be best not to park in the lot.

At the Ohrenberger: Please stay in line and only drop off/pick up at the curb in front of the gym doors. Do not use any other curbs or let students out where there is not a curb. If you want to park, please use only permitted parking  spaces (parking in the dirt along the trees is permissible). If you are picking up your child on foot, please go all the way up to the gym doors to retrieve them. Please do not enter through the back entrance during the posted times.

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