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Parent Council Updates


Due to the many snow days, some Beethoven-Ohrenberger events have been or will be rescheduled. Here is a list of updates:

March 4: Urbanity Dance company is coming to both schools to perform. (rescheduled from February)
March 4: MMM 3rd grade Beethoven Mini Concert – 9 a.m. auditorium
March 6: MMM 3rd grade Ohrenberger Mini Concert – 9 a.m. auditorium
March 10: Parent Council Meeting. 6:30 p.m. in the Ohrenberger Library
March 16: Movie Night will be rescheduled – stay tuned for new date. (Suzanne Loconto and Jen Koch are coordinating).
March 17: Evacuation Day WILL BE a school day. The Launch Trampoline Park Fundraiser will occur as planned. If you visit the park in Norwood on that day from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and mention the Beethoven/Ohrenberger, 25 percent of admission prices will come back to the school. This is open to anyone not just BTVN/O students, so feel free to post on social media.
March 19: MMM 4th and 5th grade Ohrenberger All-School Spring Concert at 7 p.m. Irving Middle School
April 10: Parents Rock – 6:30 p.m. at the Elks Hall in West Roxbury.  This is parent-only fun filled evening with lots of raffle prizes, music, dancing, light food, and laughter. Friends and family are welcome. There is a DJ who volunteers his time.  A Beethoven family donates the food. Please email Michele Sarro if you’d like to help. Also, if through your social or professional networks you have access to any raffle prizes (sporting tickets, hotels, spas, gyms, restaurants, etc.), please contact Michele.
April 14: Parent Council Meeting in the Beethoven Auditorium, 6:30 p.m. Jodie Elgie (director of Counseling and Intervention from BPS) will join us to will do a brief presentation about bullying. (Event was rescheduled from February).
April 16: Ohrenberger International Night (Silvina Mizrahi is coordinating)

June: Beethoven Field Day (Katie Tatten coordinating) DATE WILL BE RESCHEDULED

June: Ohrenberger Field Day grades 3-5 DATE WILL BE RESCHEDULED

June: Ohrenberger Field Day grades 6-8 DATE WILL BE RESCHEDULED

AND….thank you to Gretchen Nash, Magda Hernandez, and Analiza Traub for coordinating the food drive. We will be delivering the food to the Roslindale Food Pantry after February break.
Finally, thank you to Cindy Ho, Britt Young, and Joan Chan for a fabulous, creative craft fair. Great fun was had by over 50 students.
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