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From the Principal – November 2012


 International Night 

This year the Parent Council has decided to change International Night to a Fall event. It will take place on Nov. 15th from 5—7 PM. Please bring your favorite dish from your culture to share with the school community!


Please be aware that if your child comes in after 8:35 they will be marked tardy for school. Coming late disrupts classroom routines and procedures. Please bring your child to school on time.

Bake Sale 

The Parent Council will hold a Bake Sale on November 6th. All funds raised will benefit events throughout the year.

Early Dismissal 

Please be aware that school dismissal begins at 2:15PM. All parents should wait outside until students are dismissed. Only in the case of a rare emergency, will students be dismissed early. It is very disruptive to the classes to have students leave 10 minutes early. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mark your Calendars 

The dates for the Holiday shows are:

  • Grades K1 & K2 – Dec 12 
  • Grades 1, 2 & 3 – Dec. 11 

The shows will begin at 9:00 AM.

Safety in the Schoolyard

With the upcoming elections on Nov. 8, please be extra cautious driving in the schoolyard during arrival and/or dismissal times. The community voters are not aware of the driving routines that have been established in the schoolyard. I’d like to thank everyone in ad-vance for their patience and help during the Presi-dential election days this year. We are expecting a very high voter turnout.

During a regular dismissal day the school buses have priority to the leave the schoolyard. The busses are getting stuck in the yard and are unable to leave which causes a jam in the lot. Thank you.

Thanksgiving Recess 

Please note that Wednesday November 21st is a half day of school. Dismissal begins at 12:15 PM. Be prepared for the busses to get to the stop two hours earlier than normal. We will return to School on Monday, November 26th at normal hours.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.

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