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January Parent Council Meeting Recap


Mark Your Calendars!  Upcoming Dates

Mon, Jan. 23 –  Fri, Feb. 3: Superbowl Food Drive
Wed, Feb 8:  Next Parent Council Meeting
Sat, Feb 11: Arts & Crafts Day – Ohrenberger Cafeteria

Updates from Ms. Nash:

  • School integration between the Beethoven and Ohrenberger Schools are entering the final phases which includes petitioning the state as a formality. Families are welcome to come to the meeting if they have questions. The meeting is on Wed, Jan 18th, 5:30pm
  • Spring art show – Teachers are gearing up for the spring art show. Don’t be surprised if kids have 2 art classes in one week.
  • Current Second graders and Third graders who will be moving to the Ohrenberger next school year will get a tour of the school in the upcoming months. As per other years, the kids will walk from the Beethoven to the Ohrenberger to play a game of basketball and receive a tour of the building. There will be a separate day set up for parents to come take a tour of the school if they are interested.
  • Fundraising efforts are going extremely well. The school needs 100 folding chairs to replace the old chairs in the auditorium plus an amplifier.

Recap of Recent Events

Book Fair

  • Recap: December’s Scholastic Book Fair was a success.
  • Because we still had a decent amt of book rewards left over from this year we decided to go with an all cash profit.  We also earned extra book rewards on the side for sales growth

Winter outerwear exchange and drive

  • Recap: the event was a success with multiple families taking advantage of the clothing exchange

Kids R Kids Promotion at the end of November did not raise as much money as last year

Promotion at Top It Off raised $38

Upcoming Events

Arts & Crafts Fun Day
Summary: Arts & Crafts Fun Day is a day where kids can create a symphony of arts & craft projects to share with someone special or keep for yourself. Flyers will be sent out the week of January 23.
Date: Saturday, February 11, 2012 from 9:30am-12:00pm at the Ohrenberger Cafeteria
Charge: $2 per child
Things needed: volunteers for the event
Contact: Cindy Ho at cindyho@rcn.com or 617-469-3595

Community Activities

Cathy Ware is personally doing a Cradles to Crayons collection. If you have stuff to donate you can contact Cathy via email. Here is a list of what Cradles to Crayons collects: http://cradlestocrayons.org/boston/donate-goods/items-we-accept

Food drive
–  In conjunction with the Ohrenberger School, the Beethoven will have a food drive from Jan. 23 – Feb. 3 with a  “Superbowl” tackle hunger theme. Food will be donated to the Roslindale Food Pantry. Contacts are Gretchen Nash (Beethoven contact) & Amy Trueblood-Jensen (Ohrenberger contact). Gretchen will confirm that the Roslindale Food Pantry can handle the amount of food we get. Kids can make a quilt of cards where each quilt is a drawing about good nutrition. We may  do one flyer between the 2 schools. Kids can graph how much food coming in. Gretchen will find out where we will donate and put together something for teacher and list of what they need.

Spring clothes drive – Someone suggested doing a spring clothes drive as well

Toy Drive for Room to Grow – Contact: Magda Hernandez. Notes: No date yet for the event.

Pizzeria Unos Night – Michele Sarro suggested a “Unos Night” where on a particular day, Beethoven families can go there and Beethoven will get a cut of profit. Michele will find out more details.

Beethoven Website
Upcoming enhancements to the site: watch for an art gallery to be posted soon

Future Events
International Night – Date: Thursday before April’s spring break (4/12)
Teacher Appreciation Day (May) – Joan Chan will head up
Field Day (June)

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