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Don’t Forget… The Parent Council Meeting is Tonight!


Just a reminder that the Parent Council Meeting is tonight from 6 to 7pm in the Beethoven Auditorium. As always, babysitting is provided for free.

Tonight’s Agenda (per Parent Council President, Beth Rimas), includes:

  • Craft fair this Saturday at the Ohrenberger-$5 per child at the door…Great work Cindy, it should be a great event for the kids! Random act of kindness stars this week will earn students a VIP pass! We will have coffee and juice at the event, if you would like to bring a snack to share it would be most appreciated!!
  • Beethoven Decals will be on sale soon-3.50 each 2/6.00, or just straight $3.00 each? We can vote tonight. Thank you Britt for organizing!
  • International Night-April 14th from 6-8. Form planning committee tonight.
  • Spring Fundraiser will be the “Norwell fundraiser”. We will be planning an ‘80’s night for the fall in lieu of Jim Plunkett. Both the Ohrenberger and the Beethoven will be involved. We are hoping that these 2 fundraisers can take the place of the various candy/knick-knack sales we have throughout the year. #1 priority for funds (after we have our community-building events) is still field trip busses…when/if the busses are paid for the school still needs a few more chairs for the auditorium.
  • Teacher’s appreciation lunch will be May 6th. Any specific details as far as massage chair? We try to purchase lunch from a local business that does a lot for the children in our community. Any suggestions?
  • Monica is in the next phase of the cafeteria project. We are working w/Court St and will update on specific projects and come up w/times/dates for parents to volunteer as we get info. Great job Monica!

Open discussion/questions…

See you there!

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